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Οδοιπόροι_City Steps
Walking participatory performance , public space

Athens City Center  2023

οδοιπόροι_city steps1.jpg

Οδοιπόροι_City Steps, is a walking participatory performance which invites persons-residents and visitors of Athens to participate in the city in an alternative way for three days. Each day eight participants along with four performers, co-form a contemporary ritual of passage, which signifies the personal identity unfolded into a tripartite process composed by the three actions of escorting, wandering, and gestural imprinting within the city center. Throughout the four-hour duration of this happening, public and personal spheres converse, highlighting unique, ephemeral and weird aspects of life. The project is inspired by multiple traditions from Australian indigenous people to Situationists and the concept of psychogeography, seeking to function as an interpersonal communal experience of alternative contact with the self, the others and the environment in the context of exploring and engraving new roads. The new ephemeral trails arise from the involvement of each citizen, highlighting the uniqueness as an indispensable ingredient for the creation of a Contemporary City, which is rejuvenated constantly by the action of our steps.

Concept, Design of Performance| Katerina Kataki
Visual Curation| Ira Spagadorou
Performers|Dimitra Kolokitha, Katerina Kataki, Tasos Tirogalas,
Fanis Sakellariou, Chloe Aligianni
Facilitators| Chloe Aligianni, Ioanna Galani
Constructions | Giannis Kapellos
Photography | Alexander Koromilas
Video Documentation | Xenia Tsilochristou
Production | Third Planet 

Related // Εν Σχέσει
Interactive sculpture

AVDP, Promenade, 2023


textures, inhabit us

our world, is woven


tests, gropings until they stand.


whatever they,

the environment resides there,

before we do.

now together


Concept, Artwork, Text: Katerina Kataki
Facilitator: Ioanna Apostolopoulou
Special thanks to George Louverdis & Antonis Vidalis

Photo Credit: Ioannis Karounis

Public Diaries // Δημόσια Ημερολόγια
Live installation performance, public space

Syntagma Square,

Athens 2023


Public Diaries is a personal, artistic and social experiment that combines Performance Art and Visual Installation in progress to explore what happens when a person decides to expose the process and imprints of public diary writing. By symbolically and also visually transferring a private world to the public space, this attempt tries to create and explore an intermediate space, where the two landscapes intersect, offering the passing participants and viewers of this image new perspectives of thinking, interaction and interweaving of moments.[...]

Frozen Costume

Costume Design by Georgios Trikkaliotis

Surmounting Reality Exhibition

Etch Ink Gallery, 2022


Participation as performer Borderline work, a series of videos questioning gender identity and women’s status. 2021

Photo: Marino Pascal


Site specific performance

Nafplio 2017


It is a site-specific performance with a strong visual orientation, which reflects on the poem Menexeli of the same name by Odysseus Elytis, from the poetry collection Variations on A Sunbeam , which is included in the collection Sun The First (1943).

“Κύριε σήμερα Σου.. Και τώρα είναι”

Participation as performer for Visual Arts Installation of Giannis Dimopoulos 

Athens School of Fine Arts, 2017

kyrie sou kai twra einai.jpg
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